Rickie Weeks Weakened by Plunks?


What partially prevented Rickie Weeks from extending his six-game hitting streak Saturday night? Being hit by yet another pitch, make that two in one game.

“It happens sometimes,” says Weeks.  “You know they try to throw me in and miss and hit me.  I can’t do anything about it.”

Weeks leads all of baseball in plunks with unlucky 13.  Weeks was tied with Prince Fielder prior to Saturday with eleven. Following the drama is becoming ‘fun’ so-to-speak, and there’s no better place to follow plunks throughout baseball than at Plunk Everyone.  So why all the pain and why inflict it on the same two Brewers—coincidence?

By: Melissa S. WolleringRickie Weeks

“I get kind of used to it.  Not really, but you know what I mean,” says Weeks smiling. “Just one of those things that happen when it happens, and I’m tough. So I’ll keep going.”

Maybe as payback, Number 23 is doing some punishing of his own lately in the Number One spot in the batting order. Rickie Weeks went 6 for 12 against the Minnesota Twins this week, recording two home runs and six RBI.  In fact, at last check, Weeks leads all of baseball in the leadoff spot with 43 RBI and can also boast of 12 home runs.

Weeks is working on two weaknesses, one being his 84 strikeouts in nearly 300 at-bats. The other challenge arose earlier this season when Weeks changed the way he approached the plate, worrying that he was being pitched inside.  It was too close for comfort. He started protecting the plate and says his focus shifted—but not necessarily for the better.

“I was trying to fix something that really wasn’t broken,” says Weeks.  “It was one of those things where I just stayed within myself, stayed with my same approach and just stuck with it.”

Sticking to it did the trick. Remember these numbers:.262/.365/.443.  Now think back to last season.

One of the biggest blows to the early-season lineup came on May 18, when a torn tendon sheath in the wrist ended Rickie Weeks’ season.  Through 37 games, Weeks was hitting .272/.340/.517 with nine homers.  He may have had a shot at an All-Star bid.

Instead, team production slowed and the loss brought eerie déjà’ vu, considering Rickie suffered the same injury on his other wrist in late July of 2006. But the wrists are not bothering him now. On Wednesday, Rickie had a hand in all five runs Milwaukee scored in the 5-3 win against the Twins. Weeks says he doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

“The wrists have been great,” says Weeks.  “I had to rehab pretty much all of last year, but I’m the type of person that just moves on and puts it behind me.  I just work hard regardless.”

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  1. paulmbanks says

    I wonder how is brother is doing right now in the Oakland system. The way the A’s are looking the past couple of weeks, we may see him at the MLB level before too long. Myabe Jemile can live up to his brother Rickie’s hype.

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