Interview of the Oakland Athletics First Round Draft Choice



By Paul M. Banks

Jemile Weeks is the younger brother of Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks. He’s also the highest (12th overall 2008) Oakland Athletics draft pick to play for the Kane County Cougars as well as the most prominent A’s draft pick since Barry Zito. (9th overall in 1999) Weeks skipped his senior season at the University of Miami to sign with the A’s for a $1.9 million singing bonus. He hit .363 and went 22 of 23 in stolen base attempts during his final collegiate season. The All-American and All-ACC pick led the Miami Hurricanes to the top overall seed in the College World Series. Unfortunately, his big experience playing at historic Wrigley Field did not go well. He led off the game with a grounder to first, landed on first base funny, injured a hip flexor and missed the rest of the game.

On how hectic his first day as a professional baseball player was…

JW: In Oakland I woke up, jumped on the plane, headed over here on a little car ride and got to playing.
Kind of crazy, I’m in a little bit of a rush, but I came out here to play, so they put me in the lineup. I just started early. Whatever, I went out there to play my game. I appreciate their fitting me in. That was great, a great feeling to go out there. You know hopefully if I play well I thought maybe I’d get out there as soon as possible but it’s just a great feeling, a great opportunity to be out there to play with the big guys.


 On what he told his brother (#2 overall draft pick in 2003) about his first game…

JW: Say I got out there, wasn’t really getting my feet wet yet, but I just got out there and went out to play the best way that I could. You know a little more preparation for the next game and I should be better. Just tell him I got my feet wet. Got out there and got my first game in so that was good.

PMB: Did your brother give you any special advice?

JW: Just keep doing what I been doing. Don’t change. Don’t fix it if it’s not broke. Just keep doing what I’ve been doing.

On what he needs to work on to develop his game…

JW: I’m the kind of guy I feel my ability. I feel like I can hit right away. Today was a little bit of a struggling day for me. I feel like I’m gonna come around and I’m gonna do a lot better. It’s not one of those things, I just look at the game as just a game. It doesn’t change me. I’m gonna go out there with the same mindset.
PMB: Your last game was in the College World Series, how different was this experience?

JW: I haven’t really seen pitches like that in two weeks. Last time I played like a live game. A little bit different but basically it’s still baseball to me, the same game. Just have to go out there and have the mindset like that.


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  1. Let’s hope he’s not as big a bust as his brother is becomming… unless his brother wants to continue to throw double play balls in the stands to let the Cubs take leads…

  2. paulmbanks says

    Right. I’m not sure his brother really has anything to teach him. I read in the Times that they want to move Hardy over to 2nd, to make room for that SS phenom coming up. which means Rickie will have to be shopped

  3. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    I love you guys! great job Mr. Banks

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