Guide to Buying Budget Beds


Looking for a discount bed? Need a bed badly, but have only a tight budget to work with?

You’ll need to find an outlet that stocks a wide selection of single beds, double beds, king size beds and super king size beds. You’ll want to pay attention to a supplier that offers those beds in leather, metal, faux leather and wooden finish.

Check out Bed SOS  The UK’s leading Beds supplier.

Don’t rush through the purchasing process. There are many different types of beds (listed above) and even more manufacturers. Don’t just lie down on a bed for 20 seconds; take your time and relax on it, then try another. If you sleep with a partner be sure you bring that person with you to test. Lie on the bed facing away from your partner and see if you can figure out when he/she is getting in and out of bed.

Pick the right size for your height. If you’re a tall person (over 6 feet) you will probably want to go with a king size bed. For most couples under six feet tall, a queen size bed should provide enough space to sleep comfortably.

Decide on a budget before you go in the store. And then decide if it’s worth it to go with a major brand, if it costs more. Smaller mattress retailers will sometimes try to sell you on a mattress that they claim is “just as good” as a major brand but at a much lower price. As with most things, you get what you pay for.

Don’t hold back when asking your sales person hard questions about warranties, delivery fees, construction, and hidden charges. You’ll be much happier you asked the questions up front rather than getting burned when you see the bill or getting denied on a warranty claim.


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