Cricket Players Who Gamble


Gambling has been very popular among cricket players and not only. Seems like a lot of sportsmen develop a crush on gambling. A research study from the PPF(Professional Players Federations) said that most cricket players gamble or are about to. Betting and cricket have been associated for a long time. Currently, players prefer online casinos in India, since they are a lot more accessible and easier to handle.

Cricket Gambling in India

Since cricket has been so popular, it was only natural that it made room in online casino India. Online betting on cricket has been on the rise in India for a while, since the Indian Cricket Team is also one of the top best teams of cricket players around the world.   The love for cricket and gambling can be now satisfied by playing your favorite games from your home.  You can also find Cricket Slots and Cricket Lottery; the variation is thick.  Also, make sure to set your ground rules and stick to them, so you can enjoy the games without any issue.

Gambling and Cricket relationship

The relationship between cricket and gambling has been very close for several years. Since the 16th century, people have started to wager on cricket. However, as technology evolved, preferences have changed and now most players prefer online casinos in India.  Due to the variety of games, bonuses and the security matter, online casinos are blooming.  Cricket is one of the most popular sports games, hence the popularity within casinos.

According to a survey made by PPF, cricket players are most likely to gamble. Whether it is the lack of adrenaline outside the cricket games, or a way to relax, they can’t seem to have enough of it. So much, that most of them develop a gambling addiction, that’s why they have a system of rules to avoid getting on the edge.

 Both Man and Women Athletes Gamble

The passion for gambling makes no difference between men and women. In the past women did not seem to be so attracted to casino games and betting, but now the percentage of men and women who gamble is not that different. There is a small difference in the games each gender prefers, but both seem to enjoy spending time betting, mostly in online casinos.  Even though online casinos in India are popular among athletes, women don’t develop a gambling problem throughout the years, as men do.

For example, Craig Spearmen, an international cricketer developed a gaming problem when he sought an escape through betting. He noticed he had a problem one day when he lost a lot of money and realized it was out of control. He wasn’t playing safe; he was reckless and it cost him. Gambling is fun and attractive, as long as you set some limits to your investments and some rules.

Sponsorship Incitement

During surveys, a considerable number of cricket players or any other athletes said that they started gambling to “fit in the crowd” or got convinced by their peers. Gambling and sports are like peanut butter and jelly, you can’t have one without the other. The strong advertisements of casinos and sports are everywhere, you can see them everywhere.  In order to combat excessive gambling, EFL(Education and Football Alliance) started some awareness campaigns to promote responsible gambling. As long as you don’t go over the line, your susceptibility to addiction won’t become a problem. Online casinos in India offer a large number of bonuses, especially for newcomers. Just remember to set a limit to your investments, playing responsible is not boring and it helps you enjoy the games, without becoming a problem.

Tools for Combatting Gambling Issues

Any problem can be solved, do not despair. If you find yourself with a bit of a gambling issue, or you are worried it will become one, there are a few tools to use, that even professional cricket players used to overcome their gaming problems.  For instance, sometimes nothing works fine without some good old-fashioned rules. If you keep a normal level of discipline over your body, mind and soul, nothing could go wrong.

Also, you can try some ground rules:

  •         You can’t consume alcohol

You need your mind clear, especially if you’ve experienced some control issues when it came to gambling.

  •         Make sure your history is clear from behavioral problems
  •         Set your betting limits and the time you spend playing
  •         Keep an honest record of your winnings and loses


Cricket is one of the most popular games in sports. The relationship between cricket, online casino India and gambling is still very tight. With all the sponsorship cricketers get from casinos it is hard not to start playing. However, since their need for adrenaline exceeds some boundaries, they need to set some rules of their own. If you find yourself in this position, make sure to set your limits accordingly and play safe. Many people gamble, because of the fun and all those feelings you get when you win, so hold on to those feelings and be responsible while you do so.

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