New Zealand’s Professional Tennis Returns on June 3


After the coronavirus started making victims, sports events started being canceled one after the other or rescheduled for a much later time. After many weeks of having to stay inside and not even having the opportunity to do tennis betting online, tennis fans may now have something to be happy about – New Zealand is going to host a team-based tennis tournament for local players. It will take place on June 3, and it’s a great thing to see now in the middle of the pandemic.  

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Situation 

Even if the world seems to be on hold because of the dangerous virus, New Zealand has been dealing with the situation pretty well. Apparently, they only had about 1,500 cases, and as for deaths, there were only about 21. Of course, they enforced a strict lockdown for two months to make this possible, and now, it seems like it’s the perfect time to ease some restrictions a little bit.  

Because of that, they are okay with some competitions as well, which is what sparked the professional tennis event that will start on June 3. The tournament will take place without any spectators and will happen in Auckland. Not to mention, the 112 matches are going to be broadcasted live on either the YouTube channel or Sky Sports. This should help make it easier for people to stay at home and still enjoy some amazing tennis matches. It should help with their mental health during these difficult times.  

The NZ Premier League – Opportunities for the Players 

The NZ Premier League will not take place just for the sake of it. In fact, it is going to give players enough training to help them get back into the game when things go back to normal. Christophe Lambert, the Tennis New Zealand High Performance Director, made a statement.  

“Training without a goal is not possible for professional and competitive athletes,” he said. “The NZ Premier League offers opportunities for our best players to have a home base competitive environment so they are ready to jump back in when the pro circuit starts again, but also for our younger players to get the experience needed to perform at the highest level.” 

Basically, the women’s WTA and the men’s ATP have been shut down ever since March 8, and because there are no players from New Zealand who are part of the top 500 of the ATP singles rankings, the Premier League will have doubles specialists. Not to mention, there will also be New Zealand-based foreign players, as well as college players.  


Final Thoughts 

The new event that will take place on June 3 is going to be co-sponsored by Auckland-based Lavie Tennis Academy and Tennis New Zealand. The tournament will have 24 players in total, who will be split into eight teams of three. People who love to do tennis betting online will have three weeks during which they can check tennis odds and come up with the best betting strategies.  

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