What You Need To Know As A New PC Gamer


Are you thinking of making the switch from console gaming to PC gaming? If that’s the case, you’re undoubtedly excited, but this can simultaneously be confusing and overwhelming as you’ll need to learn a lot about PC gaming. This is because the PC gaming industry has quickly expanded over the years, and you have a wide array of exciting games available to play. 

But when making the transition from console gaming to PC gaming, you’ll experience several challenges, such as cluelessness on which game to choose to game lagging. If you’re in a similar position, worry not, as thegamingsetup.com is there to help out and in this detailed post is everything you need to know as a new PC gamer. 

  1. Download Steam 

Access to PC games is often one of the first setbacks you’ll face when starting as a PC gamer. And while there are many platforms where you can download your PC video games, Steam undoubtedly stands out as an excellent pick. This is because this online gaming platform boasts a massive library of games, so you’re guaranteed to get the game you want. 

Another advantage of Steam is that you get the games as soon as they’re out. In addition, the games are updated automatically to ensure the latest updates get installed to enhance your gaming experience further. Other appealing features include an in-game voice chat and instant messaging that aim to make PC gaming a lot more fascinating. 

2. Keep It Clean 

For optimal functioning of your PC, you should make sure it’s always clean from hair, dust, and any dirt that might hinder it from running at maximum potential. Regular cleaning also helps prolong your PC’s life as your hardware. If you ignore doing this, you’ll need to regularly take your PC for repairs as it gets damaged with ease. 

A dryer would come in handy when cleaning your PC as it does an effective job of blowing away all the dust. 

3. Keep Checking Reddit For New Games 

Do you want a great deal when buying PC games? If so, then Reddit is no doubt the place you need to check out often. Here, you’ll find other experienced PC players who are more updated on the latest games sharing their insights on discounts offered by different sites and excellent CD-key deals. 

On this social networking platform, you can interact with different communities who can share tricks and tips on how to better your gaming. This will help you better your gameplay a lot faster than if you didn’t have any guidance. After all, the goal is to enhance your gaming experience, and there’s no better way of doing this than knowing exactly what’s expected of you. 

4. Get Comfortable 

For an optimal gaming experience, you shouldn’t forget to get comfy. Otherwise, the gaming might end up becoming fatiguing very fast, thereby ruining your gaming experience. Therefore, you should prioritize being comfortable by ensuring your body gets the much-needed support while playing. After all, you’ll most likely spend hours gaming, and you don’t want anything to hinder you from having maximum fun, and even more critical might compromise your wellbeing. 

To ensure you remain comfortable, invest in a desk that’s ideal for your height and a comfortable chair. You should also consider getting protective glasses to safeguard your eyes from damage as you’ll be staring at the PC screen for extended periods.

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