Vikings Add McNabb; Turning Into the AMC of the NFL

When you think of the Minnesota Vikings in the last two years, one name comes to mind, Brett Favre. As the story goes, the Vikings added the 40-year old Favre and ended the 2009 season with an overtime loss in the NFC Championship game to the New Orleans Saints.

Today, the Vikings are set to announce the framework of a deal with the Washington  Redskins to acquire quarterback Donovan McNabb.

The 34-year old McNabb is six years younger than Favre when they acquired him, but the Vikings organization will look for the same success in rejuvenating the career of an aging veteran.

This similar path to success has been seen on the silver screen as well over the past couple of years. AMC has taken seemingly washed up actors and made them the lead in their respective hit shows. [Read more…]