Minnesota Twins Trade for Matt Capps; A Win and a Loss?

Minnesota Twins acquired Nationals Closer Matt Capps

Quick question: What would you consider more satisfying, a piece of perfectly seasoned but dry beef jerky that takes a long time to chew before you can swallow it or a super sweet piece of gum that is great tasting at first but eventually leaves your palate bland and must be spit out? Think about it, we’ll get to the point of that query later.

The Twins now have a former Washington Nationals closer as their closer for 2010. Well, they did before today too, but they have a new one, or a different one, or… whatever. The Twins traded Wilson Ramos and a minor league pitcher for Matt Capps Thursday night. I wish I could accurately describe my waffling emotions. It’s taken me nearly an hour just to write an opening paragraph. I don’t really love the trade. I initially hated it. I’m pleased the front office is trying, though I wished they would have gotten a little more to show for “trying.”

If you can’t tell, it’s really hard to judge this trade as it’s one that could have dramatic short and long term ramifications.

By Peter Christian

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