Casting the New York Jets in MTV’s Jersey Shore

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The 2010 New York Jets (who play their home games in New Jersey) literally began their NFL season on a reality show; with all their internal drama readily available for viewing pleasure. On HBO’s Training Camp: Hard Knocks, plenty of semi-scripted, Hawthorne Effect induced storylines ensued. As the season went on, more debauchery went down.

Today’s reality television landscape (if there is such a thing as “reality” tv anymore) is dominated by a show “documenting” the trashy lifestyle of 8 guidos and guidettes spending an alcohol fueled summer together in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. And there’s more than a few similarities between the Garden State’s two most popular and trashiest, out-of-control frat houses.

Let’s examine them. “CAN’T WAIT” as Jets LB Bart Scott would say.

Note this is being re-run from last winter. We’ll have to re-cast and find a new spot for Plaxico; and get rid of Braylon

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Can we get some real Nicknames these days Please?

By Paul M. Banks

From now on we can refer to Demetri McCamey as “Baby Ben”, as in “Baby Ben Gordon.” Or we can simply call him “Cames.” Just don’t for the LOVE OF GOD call him “D. Mac”. There are already plenty of subpar “nicknames” falling into this category, lame abbreviations such as: D. Wade (Dwanye Wade), D. Rose (Derrick Rose), JaBo (Jason Bohannon), A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez), I-Rod (Ivan Rodriguez) and D. Will (Deron Williams). These aren’t nicknames, just good references for brevity’s sake; a way to refer to players in text-message friendly form.

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