Christmas Wish: No More Child Molesters in Sports


Without a doubt, the news story of the year in 2011 was Penn State. Joe Paterno went from all time leader in college football victories to enabler of child rape in less than a week.

Has there ever been a fall from grace this far, this fast?

Has there ever been such a disgusting monster to hold a higher position in sports than Jerry Sandusky?

Has there ever been a more clueless set of narrow-minded idiots than the myopic subset of PSU fans who rioted/still neglect to face the truth today?

Have you ever seen a greater failure in chain of command/crisis management than Penn State University?

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After Penn State Pedophilia Scandal, The Citadel Reveals Child Sex Abuse Case

the citadel

The situation revolving around the Penn State Nittany Lions pedophilia scandal is truly unprecedented and earth-shattering. Sadly, we know these types of atrocities are committed in numerous places outside State College, PA.

And it turns out there’s another University with a similar revelation this week. The Citadel spokespeople say they’re commenting on this incident now because of media requests since the arrest of a former camp counselor.

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