Sarah Palin out at Fox News Channel? You Betcha! (update)

sarah palin

Sarah Palin actually lasted longer as a Fox News talking head than she did as Governor of Alaska. Just an hour ago, it was announced that FNC will not be renewing the “hockey mom’s” contract. “You can actually see parts of unemployment from my house.” I guess she went a little too “rogue” for the most watched cable news network/public relations unit of the Republican party. Somewhere Manti Te’o is on phone with Sarah Palin talking about the Katie Couric interview: “You were right about her. I never should have done that.”

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Sarah Palin’s Unintentionally Hilarious Rewrite of Paul Revere (Video)


In New England, it’s “one if by land, two if by sea.” (And on the Patriots, Tom Brady to Wes Welker equals “six if by air”). At least that’s what we were taught in school. You remember the story of Paul Revere from elementary school?

That whole “the redcoats are coming” bit. Sarah Palin does not.

Or she remembers it as Revere somehow warning the British, instead of the American colonists. And what he was warning them about was our “freedom” (whatever that means) and the second amendment guaranteeing our right to bear arms- even though the Constitution wasn’t drafted until more than a decade after his ride.

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Is Notre Dame the Least Hyped top 10 Team Ever?


If there’s only school that doesn’t fly under the radar it is Notre Dame. Plenty of pub for the Fighting Irish. Very few schools have seen their university as the star of a big budget Hollywood film; this school has had three.

But that’s college football, not college basketball. Is the overwhelming obsession with the gridiron, at the expense of interest in the hardwood the main reason this Fighting Irish team isn’t being talked about all that much? The Irish certainly take care of business on the court, 17-4, 6-3 in the Big East, the best conference in America. They’re #9 in one poll, #8 in the other and Jeff Goodman of Fox ranks them #5.

But yet they’ve all done this very “quietly” because South Bend is like Ohio State and Penn State- the fans just don’t get into hoops on a level remotely close to how much they care about football. Despite the fact that football team never graced the polls for a single week in 2010.

Let’s try to figure out why

By Paul M. Banks

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Tracy Morgan Deems Sarah Palin “Masturbation Material” on NBA Show


Remember when Tracy Morgan went on that talk show a few years ago (he was extremely drunk) and talked about how bad he needed to impregnate someone that night? (awkward). Well the “30 Rock” star is at it again. When rocking the NBA on TNT set he stated that Sarah Palin makes for perfect masturbation material.


And you thought the 2006 pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel topless sun-bathing were hot. (They really weren’t).

Palin has not commented on this situation as of yet, but I’m sure she’ll go one of two ways with this:

a.) “you can actually see parts of Tracy’s penis from the coast of Alaska”

b.) “Tracy’s pro-masturbation agenda is in direct conflict with my platform of abstinence-only sex education”

Here’s the vid:

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NFL Mock Draft 3-31 Round 2

florida jermain cunningham

By Paul M. Banks

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