Buffalo Bills: this defense is for real

Jerry Hughes

The Bills look good. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s only two weeks into the season, but the Buffalo Bills sit atop the AFC East as one of only five teams who are 2-0 heading into a Monday night showdown between the Colts and Eagles.

On a day where Bills fans were not only able to celebrate the tremendous strength of Jim Kelly and the fact that they’ll remain in Buffalo under new ownership, the Bills came out and beat up on their divisional rival, the Miami Dolphins.

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Can Sammy Watkins Bring the Buffalo Bills to a Super Bowl?


After a brutal offseason, there is nothing Buffalo Bills fans want more than to see their beloved team get back to their old winning ways.

This offseason has seen the passing of long-time Bills owner Ralph Wilson, leaving the team still up for sale and in need of a new stadium in order to remain in Buffalo, New York. As if that isn’t bad enough, Hall of Fame Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, the greatest player in the history of the franchise, is battling cancer. Bills fans need something, anything, to give them hope again.

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