Sammy Sosa to the hall? You must be drunk on Cubs Kool Aid


I’ve always compared steroids in baseball to breast implants. Both are artificial “performance” enhancers that excite men despite the obvious fraud. A few years ago, radio host Doug Gottlieb took my analogy further saying Barry Bonds is like Demi Moore and Sammy Sosa like Pamela Anderson. Bonds/Moore were already well known and established before receiving their enhancements; which took their careers to the next level. Sosa/Anderson were complete nobodies until they got their enhancements.

That’s why you can make a case (but shouldn’t) for Bonds to be in the Hall of Fame, but there is ZERO rationale for Sosa. But Red Eye writer Matt Lindner disagrees with me. And his article has more holes than Sosa’s skin during the heyday of his (alleged) injections. Lindner writes:

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