Bengals DB Dre Kirkpatrick has the WORST. Publicist. Ever!


Cincinnati Bengals cornerback and former Alabama Crimson Tide star Dre Kirkpatrick really should consider getting a new publicist. Usually, picking on people this incompetent at their jobs is too much of a low hanging fruit, but lots of journalists received this horrifyingly bad pitch, and I don’t know if any of them called out its horribleness.

I’m certainly not one of those right-wing nuts who worships the idea of Social Darwinism, but I do believe America needs a healthy amount of it. If you suck that terribly at what you do, someone needs to tell you that you truly suck.

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Alabama’s Trent Richardson: Best Running Back in ’12 Draft Class?

His predecessor, Mark Ingram won the Heisman trophy two years ago,  now Alabama Crimson Tide tailback Trent Richardson is the man in Tuscaloosa. No more splitting time, Ingram is with the Miami Dolphins, and Richardson’s the focus of #2 Bama’s offense.

As a rookie, Richardson was also named to the 2009 SEC All-Freshman team alongside teammates OL Barrett Jones and LB Nico Johnson. ‘Bama went 14-0 to win it all and in the 2010 BCS National Championship was a big part, accruing 109 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns.

As long as he stays healthy, and Richardson continues on his current course, he’ll likely forgo his senior season and declare for the NFL Draft where he’ll likely be a top ten pick; quite possibly the first back taken.
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#3 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. #23 Penn State Nittany Lions: Brutally Honest Game Preview

College football has really done a much better job of pre-conference scheduling these days. Last week we had two national title contenders squaring off in the Oregon Ducks vs. LSU Tigers, and another solid offering in the Boise State Broncos vs. the Georgia Bulldogs.  This week is significantly weaker, but if this is as bad as the slate gets- I’ll take it.

Because next week you have LSU in another marquee game, this time versus conference foe, the Mississippi State Bulldogs. And two top 5 teams in the Florida State Seminoles vs. the Oklahoma Sooners. Sprinkle in a few conference games here and there, and before you know it- it’s conference season already the next week.

This game is an oddity before it even begins- both have a QB controversy, despite both teams having one signal caller clearly out-performing the other in week one.

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#1 Alabama Crimson Tide: College Football 77 in 77

Alabama basketball

Here it is- the cherry (fitting crimson colored) on the top of the massive college football sundae that was the 77 in 77. I honestly am amazed I survived this. 77 teams in 77 days, and I finish with the SEC powerhouse, Alabama Crimson Tide. The league has produced five straight national champions- I’m saying a sixth in 2011. Other experts believe in the Sooners, but I say Roll Tide.

They’re solid on the OL, WR, RB, DL, LB, DB, ST, K, P, RS- and we shall see now about QB. The defense and special teams will be stellar. If they find the right signal caller, they’ll be ballin’ like Spaulding.

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Rolando McClain Leads Alabama Defense


By Paul M. Banks

Alabama’s stellar defense is led by junior linebacker Rolando McClain. When you hear his name, you might first think of the protagonist from the Die Hard film series. He certainly has the same toughness and will to fight. The potential NFL 1st round draft pick was on conference call this week, and when asked about what his Coach Nick Saban instills in his defense, he didn’t reference Die hard, but another action series you might catch late night on HBO.

“It’s like we are a band of brothers out there.  We don’t want to let the guy beside us down.  I think that’s the important thing and that’s what he has put in us, we don’t want to let the guy beside us down.  You don’t want to be that guy that messes up a play, because everybody has to be accountable for what they do on the field and accountability is what he’s taught us,” he said evoking memories of the late night series about a combat platoon.

McClain was asked is there are any linebackers in the NFL that he looks up to and admires. “I don’t really watch anybody in college, but I like to watch Ray Lewis when he plays.  He brings a lot of intensity to the game, he’s a great leader and lot of guys look up to him, and I am one of those guys,” he responded on conference call Tuesday. So is Lewis his role model? “I’m not really sure what he does outside of football.  I have my own things that I like to do.  I just like the way he plays on the field,” McClain said.

Everyday in practice McClain goes against a Heisman trophy candidate in tailback Mark Ingram. He described the experience. “It’s not that bad.  I go against him a lot, I would say. We have somewhat of an agreement, I won’t try to kill him every time I hit him, and he won’t try and run me over. I’d say it’s not that bad.” Of course, the Crimson tide running backs corps is pretty talented overall. “I guess it’s helped me a lot just going up against a very good back, a very good SEC back, a very powerful, very strong and very fast back.  I think that’s helped me some in my game, and I am sure going against us has helped him. I don’t know, it just prepares me for some of the opponents I face in the SEC,” McClain articulated.Alabama_Crimson_Tide_46abf97e28b0f

It will be a huge week for McClain and company as they face a top ten team in LSU, with a high powered offense. He described what he will see on the other side of the scrimmage line Saturday.

“They are just like any other LSU team. They are very physical up front.  They like to run the ball.  I think this year, more than last year, they have a dual-threat quarterback. If he’s given time in the pocket, he can make plays with his arm.  We have to play sound defense against these guys.  They are very good and they are well coached. I have watched some film, I think (Brandon) LeFell and some of those guys have done a great job thus far this year.  I think the speedy receiver/running back number eight – Holiday – comes in and adds a different element to their passing game.  The quarterback, he manages the game with little turnovers.  If think when given time that offense can be deadly.”

It should certainly be the game of the week.