Penn State Basketball Tickets Seeing Sharp Rise in Demand

psu cheerleader

Last year, I was astonished to learn that no media members travel to cover Penn State Nittany Lions college basketball. I mean they’re a Big Ten team right? They had the Crispins! And they upset North Carolina to reach the Elite 8 in 2001.

Then I started watching more PSU games on television (I have a Talor Battle man-crush- that’s my excuse) and noticed the lower bowl of the Bryce Jordan Center is 60-70% empty for most games, and they don’t even bother opening the upper bowl. So I understood.

Then I noticed their fans, how few of there are, act extremely BUSH LEAGUE in the way they frequently storm the court following victories over very mediocre teams. Well, hopefully they’ll grow up and learn how to “act like they’ve been there before,” now that their ranks are swelling in numbers.

By Paul M. Banks

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Penn State Fans: Most Amateur and Oblivious in All College Basketball

Talor Battle

Eventually they’re going to have to get used to this, right?

You know that old expression, “act like you’ve been there before”? (Most often used in a sports context to describe Barry Sanders, and his lack of end zone celebrating during his Detroit Lions career). Penn State basketball fans, all 15 of them, seem to be blatantly unaware of this concept.

After upsetting the Illini last night, they stormed the court in jubilation. Congrats, you won a conference game at home. Yes, Illinois was ranked #16, but you just beat an overrated Michigan State team ranked #20 two days ago!

And you all rushed the court like you had just won the Final Four after that victory too! At least when your fan base in small, it’s easy to clear the court quickly.

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