Illinois and Northwestern Bowl Projection/Preview


Currently, 70/120 FBS college football teams participate in a bowl game at the end of the season. This includes 6-6 teams, and this year believe it or not, a couple 5-7 or 6-7 teams. Yes, this is turning into “everyone gets a trophy” and setting a horrible example for our children.

But on to more positive things- Illinois has their second bowl berth since 2002, and now Zook is in a more relaxed state than he was here.

For the Illini, it would currently appear that they are looking at the Insight/Texas and Ticket City bowl area, with a sprinkle of Gator Bowl added in for flair. The final week of the season will have a TON to say about what happens in this area, but the Illini have a lot going for them at this point — They actually are done with Big Ten games, and have finished at 4-4. Interestingly, the Illini could finish as high as fifth overall in the Big Ten, having a tiebreaker with Penn State. However…

We’re making this pick under the assumption that two Big Ten teams — for the purposes of this discussion, Wisconsin and Ohio State — make the BCS.

By Paul M. Banks and Paul Schmidt

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