Yankee Stadium Hosts GREATEST Prank Ever! (Video)

I wish I had found this by April 1st, because this would be the greatest video stunt to pull on April Fool’s Day. Obviously, it’s a bit old as this hoax was perpetrated via the jumbotron of old Yankee Stadium during the 5th inning of a Yankees game.

Ah CollegeHumor.com you are kings among men.

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The New York Yankees are out of touch with the common team

By Jake McCormick

Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio has never been afraid to share his opinion of the lack of a salary cap in baseball. Likewise, the New York Yankees are not exactly an indifferent organization when it comes to expressing their views. Combined, it makes Yankee president Randy Levine’s reaction to Attanasio’s recent statements to USA Today not very surprising. [Read more…]