Rebecca Grant: Clippers fan “boobs adjuster” is back

One “hot topic” of discussion during the 2011 NFL playoff season was Football Zone Girl Rebecca Grant. (video below) She was “news” again a year ago. Sort of.

Rebecca Grant is famous as “the Fox News Clippers fan boobs adjuster”

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The LIVE Sports Bank Super Blog

by Peter Christian

Hey did you hear? There’s a football game today, and for the first time in two weeks, it’s actually kind of important!

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Bold Super Bowl Predictions

By the TSB Staff

First off, you can see more Super Bowl predictions by licking here. whoops I meant to say clicking here. The Kim Kardashian photo threw me off. Basically two TSB contributors have mapped out every single thing that’s going to happen in this Super Bowl, and pretty much every comment that will be made by the announcers. And put it all together in a fun Super Bowl drinking game for your enjoyment. But I warn you now- avert your eyes from the Khloe Kardashian phot0, unless throwing up is your goal.

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NFL Mock Draft 1-26 Round 2

Tons of Big Ten Players in the Super Bowl

The Big Ten Conference will be well-represented on Sunday, Feb. 7, in Super Bowl XLIV with 20 former student-athletes and 13 coaches with previous conference connections on the rosters of the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. The Big Ten leads all conferences with 20 players on the two Super Bowl squads, followed by the SEC (19 players), Big 12 (18), ACC (15) and Pac-10 (13).

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Manny Pacquiao Has Nothing on the Minnesota Vikings

by Peter Christian

Before I get all worked up into a rant that runs into a word count that Paul M. Banks will frown upon, let me get one thing straight: I know.

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