The Chicago Cubs Brass is on the California Grass … Golf Grass!!

kimberly dejesus

A bunch of the boys are whoopin’ it up in the desert made famous by Frank and his friends. A rollicking happy place where the scotch flows and the golf courses never end. A land of breathtaking mornings and gorgeous nights. A world where the stars shine brighter than spotlights.

And finally, and most impactful for many … a town where the women are so eager because most of the other men are “gay, gray or leaving on Tuesday.”

Yes, welcome to the California desert. It’s nice to be there.

Oh, wait. They went to Palm Springs to talk about baseball. Riiiigggghhhhttt.

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50 Years of Heartache for Minnesota Vikings’ Fans

Brett Favre-vikings

While perusing the official site of the Minnesota Vikings, I came across a timeline of the team’s history. The newfound bandwagon jumpers of Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson have no recollection of the lean years and near misses in the playoffs of this sometimes proud franchise. Favre changes his mind about playing more than a middle school girl switches her best friend forever. It is quite certain that his recent bout with uncertainty had everything to do with restructuring his contract in order to receive a substantial raise for the upcoming season.

But Favre will have to achieve a lot of glory in order to overcome the failures of the past.

By Patrick Herbert

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