A Milwaukee Bucks offseason of intrigue (plus, I join a new blog!)

Scott Skiles

The Milwaukee Bucks have come a long way since April 15, 2010, and the path more resembled a float down the River Styx than a stroll down a yellow brick road.

Injuries, ineffectiveness and the possession of less chemistry than actors in a SyFy original movie were the main catalysts giving the Bucks their sixth trip to the NBA Lottery in the last 10 years.

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The Michael Redd Era for the Milwaukee Bucks is over

Michael Redd

It may seem too early to write a eulogy for Michael Redd’s Milwaukee Bucks career, but all indications are that the $18.3 million man will not step foot on an NBA floor until February at the earliest, for the second year in a row.

Redd devoted 10 years of his NBA life to the Bucks, but the chapter written Milwaukee is as officially closed as it can be at this point. It’s been an unfortunate end to the record-breaking career of a player that will always be remembered for being the one shining light in a decade of team mediocrity.

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Profiling potential Milwaukee Bucks’ point guards options

Luke Ridnour

With Chris Duhon going to sunnier weather in Orlando and Luke Ridnour most likely seeking to capitalize off his career resurrection in 2009-10, the Milwaukee Bucks may be relegated to the discount aisle of the point guard section.

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