Notre Dame vs. Michigan: the Brutally Honest Game Preview

Notre Dame Stadium

Here we go #1 vs. #2…not in the national polls mind you, as both of these teams are unranked. However, Michigan is number one all time in winning percentage (.737) and Notre Dame is second (.734).

In all-time wins, the Wolverines are first with 877, ND is third with 838. This match-up clearly doesn’t have the same sizzle as years past, but it does feature two decent programs in the rebuilding process. And we’ll learn who’s taken a step further in their development on Saturday.

And if you’re like me, someone who’s borderline sexually aroused by games with a lot of passing yards (ok, that’s bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea) then you’ll love this contest. Two fast, athletic and talented wide receiving corps squaring off against two mediocre-on-a-good-day secondaries.

There will be so much aerial combat, it’s time to cue up “Highway…….THE DANGER ZONE,” Kenny Loggins’ theme from “Top Gun.” This will be a better show than what Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez saw last week.

Throughout the season, I’ll be bringing you these informative yet blunt game previews of every contest I cover (and a second game that week that interests me); with a heavy focus on my three “home teams” Northwestern, Illinois, Notre Dame, and the Big Ten in general.

By Paul M. Banks

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