NFL Mock Draft 1-19

By Paul M. Banks and Peter Christian

A good mock draft is like a football geek’s crossword puzzle. You have to find and fill all the spaces and make them fit together. Sort of like Tetris. First you need power rankings for draft order, then team needs, prospect lists to see who goes where, then remember that it almost never goes down the way it should on paper.

GMs, scouts, coaches, other people pulling the strings- they all come together and sometimes the final decision is made by impulse, intangibles and/or whim. Or in the case of Bears GM Jerry Angelo, completely opposite of whatever common sense tells you. But this week, a lot of the crossword puzzle spaces were filled in. Because January 15th brought us the deadline for underclassmen to declare early.

As always, when you’re done reading Round one, be sure to click here for the second round. Or read round 2 before you read the first round, whatever floats your boat.

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