Analyzing More Quarterback Options for the Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf obviously has his hands full with the situation concerning Mall of America Field. It is not too early, however, to start analyze possibilities at the quarterback position.

We started this exploratory process over a month ago, and you can read our preliminary findings here.

Now, with more evidence coming to light, we continue our potential QB assessment.

Joe Webb has proven thus far that he is extremely talented athletically, but raw. His decision-making ability has been suspect at best. Interim head coach Leslie Frazier is dealing with the game of out, doubtful, or probable with Brett Favre on a weekly basis. This is obviously not a recipe for long term success.

Patrick Herbert is here to give you some options for the club in the offseason.

(note this is begin re-run from December 26th)

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Lucky Number 14 For Chicago Bears Devin Hester


Fourteen was the total number of points the Minnesota Vikings scored on Monday night and it is the number of kickoff and punt return TDs that Chicago Bears Devin Hester has accumulated during his storied career.

The previous record, set by Brian Mitchell, is a major milestone because it requires both explosiveness and longevity. Hester was all over the frozen tundra of TCF Bank Stadium. Specifically, his punt return of 64 yards in the third quarter was an omen for things to come for the former purple people eaters.

With this said, no play was more indicative of the disparity between the quality of play between the two teams than a run near the goal line in the third quarter when Matt Forte dragged would be tacklers for around eight yards before he was finally brought down before reaching pay dirt.

By Patrick Herbert

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The Metrodome Roof Collapses; Minnesotans Lose Their Minds

I saw the reports of the Metrodome’s cave-in yesterday morning as I woke up. I was intrigued, but only because I wanted to see what the structure looked like without the giant teflon roof floating above the concrete structure. I wasn’t overly concerned with the Vikings losing a home game, because for all intensive purposes the Vikings season is over anyhow, and I was even less concerned with where the game against the Giants was going to be played. It wasn’t until my dad called me that I really began to notice the hysteria going on among my fellow Minnesotans.

By Peter Christian

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