Take it to the BANK!

By Paul Schmidt

Week one is in the books, and I came away relatively unscathed. 2-2 for the week, both on late covers from MAC teams.  The MAC is frisky!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!

However, last week there were some stumbles.  Apparently Michigan is gonna be pretty good. And Oklahoma State, despite all my protestations, may actually NOT be overrated.  I can admit my mistake.  I’M A MAN! I’M THIRTY-ONE!

Anyway, the theme for this week is…well, why do I need a theme?  Just looking for winners, and as always, comments/harassment/challenges to my manhood are welcome!

Louisiana Tech +7.5 at Navy
I was looking forward to this line just as soon as the Ohio State/Navy game wrapped up last week.  Navy’s not as good as they showed last week, and Louisiana Tech is probably a lot better than you think.  They’ve got a very solid offense, and an underrated defense.  They nearly took the lead in the second half on the road against Auburn last week, but and interception near the end zone and then two plays later a 93-yard touchdown pass pretty much turned all the momentum around and keyed Auburn on to victory.

Point being, expect Navy to take a small step back this week, and expect Louisiana Tech to take a small step forward and cover this spread (and maybe, MAYBE have a chance to win outright).

Central Michigan +14.5 at Michigan State
I love me some Chippewas!  One of last week’s winners makes a return appearance this week.  Arizona’s defense was up to the task in the desert last week, but Central Michigan’s defense was far more stout than I could have anticipated, allowing just one touchdown and four Alex Zendejas field goals to a fairly solid Wildcat defense.

I’m a little worried about the lack of offense from the Chippewas running game, and all-around from Dan LeFevour in general, but I am confident that they can turn it around in Eas Lansing, a much shorter trip than Tempe, especially given that they will face a far less stern test on defense.

North Carolina -5 at Connecticut
It only took six games, but I’ve finally picked a favorite. I like this North Carolina team. Maybe not as someone at ESPN who actually picked them to win the national title, but they’re a really good team and I think it’s pretty possible they could surprise and win the ACC. It’s also a stronger conference than you think this season.

Connecticut struggled on the road at Ohio last week with turnovers (though the did have the game in hand in the fourth quarter regardless), and that in itself is reason enough to doubt the Huskies this season. Should be a fun game though, as the new facility in Storrs is a great place for a game, and it’s always fun to see a football game involving traditional basketball powers.  It’s like they don’t know exactly what was going on in the game.

Northwestern -18 at home over Eastern Michigan
I can’t really believe that I’d condone wagering on the Purple Wienies from Evanston…but consider this.  Their offense is clicking, they’re at home, and they’re playing a team that just lost — at home — by two touchdowns to Army. 

This shouldn’t be closer than 30 points.

Last Week: 2-2
Season Record: 2-2