Kevin Costner’s Minor League Team Literally Runs out of Balls, Cancels Game


If you want to know who the laughing stock of professional sports happens to be right now, look to Zion. Yes, the Wisconsin border town of Zion Illinois, home to the Lake County Fielders has seen lots of drama this year. The North American Baseball League team had one of its announcers quit on the air several weeks ago; mostly because he didn’t get the pay he was promised.

Now they had to cancel a game this weekend because they didn’t have enough baseballs.

From “The Outside Corner”

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Minor League Announcer Quits in Midst of Broadcast (Audio)


A minor league team owned by legendary baseball actor Kevin Costner is winning on the field, but they’ve become an absolute train wreck in the front office. The drama has created a “Field of Nightmares” for a horribly mismanaged ballclub.

The second-year Lake County Fielders played their first 32 games on the road, including two trips to Maui.

They were still in their first home series when Manager Tim Johnson walked out over a pay dispute, and many of the players, smarting for the same reason, showed their sympathy.  The Fielders are said to have traded nine players although it is not easy tracking all of them and released 14 others.  That’s virtually the entire team.

And now their play-by-play guy aired more dirty laundry, on the air! (listen to the whole thing after the jump. Once he gets going it’s great)

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