Bulls add Ronnie Brewer, 3 yrs $12.5 Million

ronnie brewer

The same day that the Chicago Bulls officially lost out on J.J. Redick, the team added a very talented wing in Ronnie Brewer. In fact, he might be the most athletic wing the team has had in quite some time; an no doubt an upgrade over Redick. This move is no consolation prize; it fills a big hole and brings in a guy point guards love to play with. The best point guard in the league, Deron Williams, was really upset when Brewer was dealt out of Utah.

So Brewer should gel well with Bulls franchise point guard Derrick Rose. This move also brings the number of ex-Jazz players coming to Chicago this summer to three. I guess you can call the Bulls “Utah Midwest” now; but with a much smaller Mormon population. I do hope that Brewer, along with Boozer and Korver, aren’t shocked by how flat it is here. And they realize that upgrading from tiny market to huge market (in this case anyway) means you’ll have fewer options when it comes to ski vacations.

By Paul M. Banks

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