2012 Fantasy Football Preview: RB

As the NFL season gets closer every day, so does your fantasy draft. The Sports Bank fantasy football previews continue we take a look at a running back position that has as many question marks as answers.

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Detroit Lions Stumbling Down the Stretch as Suh Spirals Downward


It is true that officials are putting the Detroit Lions players under a microscope after the dirty play of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh? Even if that’s true it doesn’t equate to the type of ineptness the team has shown of late.

Since a 5-0 start, the Lions have degenerated into 7-5, losing three of their last four.

In the 31-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, the defense looked especially bad. And they truly missed Suh, who will miss an additional game due to his NFL suspension. A suspension he truly warned for stomping on a Green Bay Packers lineman.

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Ndamukong Suh Apology for Appalling Actions Falls Flat


Ndamukong Suh is the most talented defensive player in the NFL. In addition, he is emotionally unstable and unwilling to be accountable for his actions. In a postgame press conference, he attempted to explain away why he was slamming an opposing player’s head in to the ground before stomping on him after the completion of a play.

That was almost as appalling as the fans’ reaction to Nickelback being named for the halftime performance. Much like the Jim Schwartz handshake controversy with Jim Harbaugh, this is simply a sideshow that takes away from the fact that the Green Bay Packers destroyed the Lions on the field.

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2011 Fantasy Football Awards (Week Eleven)










America’s favorite game is back and The Sports Bank has you covered with the best and worst of what was Fantasy Football Week Eleven.

RB Kevin Smith came out of no where and with the help of QB Matthew Stafford put together a pleasant fantasy day for the Detroit Lions.

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Detroit Lions Game Ball to Matthew Stafford

This could have been a look-ahead contest for the Detroit Lions. The Thanksgiving game is always the biggest one on their schedule because it puts them on the national stage with nothing else available for the sports fan. This holiday is even better for gluttonous fans because it is finally relevant to the NFC North and has playoff implications.

The Detroit players didn’t receive their wake up calls in a timely manner because they had a lackluster first half. There was some question as to how effective Matthew Stafford could be playing with his hand injury, but all of that was put to rest in the second half when the squad exploded for close to the half century mark.

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NFL Free Agent Running Back Options for the Detroit Lions

Jahvid Best’s fragile health and the recent proposed trade for Ronnie Brown have made me start to wonder what the realistic options are for Detroit at running back. Matthew Stafford can resort to short passes to substitute for the run, but it would benefit him and the team if he was able to take a breather on occasion. The ability to hand the ball off now and again is a necessity when the team is ahead, after a play when he is pressured or sacked, and when he is not at one hundred percent.

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Stafford Thrusts New Life Into Detroit


Calvin Johnson caught three touchdown passes for the first time in his young but illustrious career. He was close to having four, but Matthew Stafford was intercepted in the corner of the end zone during the first half going for broke. Calvin Johnson plays the wide receiver position with reckless abandon, much like Adrian Peterson does at running back. It is simply a matter of time before he is knocked out of the game for a prolonged period of time.

It’s impossible to sustain the hits that he does on a regular basis and continue playing. Usually his size is a tremendous advantage, but it does provide a bigger target for defensive backs-who are head hunting to get Detroit’s biggest playmaker on the sidelines. Make no mistake about it, whatever fine is doled out by the NFL is worth it if Calvin Johnson is out of the game.

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