Kate Upton Justin Verlander are an item again


The Kate Upton Justin Verlander thing? Happening again according to the “evidence” of US Weekly. Back to back SI swimsuit issue cover girl and hottest woman alive is once again an item with the Detroit Tigers ace. Remember, this was never confirmed by either camp. Although Verlander’s grandfather verified it, and everyone knew Kate Upton Justin Verlander was a thing.

Sorry, Michigan Wolverines sharpshooter Spike Albrecht, but your window may have closed. Although I do appreciate your assertiveness with Kate Upton. More than that, I appreciate the perfect timing that you made your move.

Here’s what’s being “reported”

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Kate Upton actually influenced the FG% at Thunder-Suns game


Kate Upton was courtside at a Phoenix Suns-Oklahoma City Thunder game last year. She was in OKC shooting a project and visiting her aunt and uncle. According to this video from the Thunder website, the St. Joseph, Michigan native is a big Thunder fan, and has been a Thunder fan for awhile. Take that Detroit Pistons, Kate Upton doesn’t love you.

The 2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model’s presence actually had a statistical impact on this NBA game. I mean it’s Kate Upton she has quite an impact on all men.

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Kate Upton’s Greatest Hits Collection


One of the most searched people on the internet SI swimsuit supermodel Kate Upton. Her name keeps popping up all the time, and given who she is- a woman that is to female beauty what Devin Hester once was to returning kicks or what Tim Beckman is to horrible coaching, I think her name will continue to pop up.

Kate Upton is young, hot and her star is rising. Expect much more about her on this site in the coming year- and beyond. But for now, let’s look back at the headlines she made these past couple years.

By the way Upton will be on Letterman tonight.

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Kate Upton Uncle is conservative congressman Fred Upton

Kate Upton, back to back Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl has a very powerful uncle. And we mean powerful figuratively and literally. Kate Upton uncle is
Rep. Fred Upton, a Republican who according to the Daily Beast:
“might get some flak for his niece’s provocative poses, but he’s in good company. From Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter Alice to Sarah Palin’s enfant terrible Bristol, more slightly scandalous political relatives…Upton, is the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and briefly became a conservative hate-figure after his effort to ban incandescent light bulbs in the name of energy efficiency became a cause célèbre on the right. Considering the recent frenzy over immodest dress among attendees at CPAC, the fact that his niece has been photographed in body paint might draw some ire. But should Representative Upton be plagued by his niece’s provocative poses, he’ll be in good company.”

Kate Upton video : gets silly, bouncy on Jimmy Fallon


Here’s a Kate Upton video you’ll enjoy. Last night when she made her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, things got downright silly. Or “breaking” from the bit as it’s called in the business. This could make the internet rounds like the Beach Bunny Kate Upton video or the Dougie Kate Upton video or the Cat Daddy Kate Upton video or the Easter bunny Kate Upton video.

Things were just really bouncy. And more so when discussing the idea of doing the SI swimsuit issue in space.

Yes, all men are helpless when staring down that double barrel. The two time Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model can make all men turn to soft putty. Even big time Hollywood comedians turned talk show hosts. The cleavage of Kate Upton renders all men silly and snickering. Despite the fact that legions of people call her fat.

But anything Kate Upton does goes well on the internets: Kate Upton pics, gifs, interviews, all media. But especially Kate Upton video

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Kate Upton fat, says very stupid pro-skinny blog (video)

kate upton-bikini

Kate Upton is back on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, the first repeat champion since Tyra Banks in 1997. Some say she’s gained 21 pounds since then. Well sure, she looks a bit thicker this year on the cover than she did last year. But those 21 lbs seem to have all found their home in the proper place. Pro-Anorexia website calls supermodel and Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton a “Fatty.” Is that the proper way to talk about the girlfriend of Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander? The AL ASG starter might want to whip a 100 m.p.h. fastball at the head of (whoever or wherever that head may be)

The Skinny Girl website which slams Kate for being fat, lazy, lardy and piggy looking! Have they seen these GQ photos that sent the internet ablaze?

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Kate Upton goes nude for Contributor Magazine photo shoot (NSFW)


MLB 2012 video game pitchwoman and alleged girlfriend of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander yes, Kate Upton has done another photo shoot that is circulating the interwebs.

This time Kate Upton took it all off for Contributor magazine. See the pics after the jump

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New England Patriots Skill Position Guys: Extremely White

rob gronkowski_bibi jones

The New England Patriots and Duke Blue Devils have a lot in common- east coast powerhouse, dynastic programs. Both are a very popular/polarizing brand; best embodied by their Mt. Rushmore level Coach (Bill Belichick and Mike Krzyzewski) who inspires both admiration and hatred. They sit in similar pedestals in their respective worlds of college basketball and the NFL.

This year, the Pats have yet another trait in common with Duke: white players everywhere, in places you don’t often see Caucasians. If you’re a white, blue-chip hoops recruit, you’re most likely going to Duke. If you’re white and good, but not elite, you might be headed to Wisconsin, Butler or Notre Dame.

And in 2012-13, if you’re a white receiver or tailback, you might be a Patriot.

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