Draymond Green Needs to Lead Michigan State out of Doldrums

Draymond Green MSU

I’m beginning to think Kalin Lucas is overrated. Sure he’s accomplished a lot in his college basketball career, but the MSU floor general is the main culprit for all these Michigan State Spartans turnovers. The #8 Syracuse Orange gave #7 Mich St. a good ole fashioned whopping Tuesday night, and much of it was due to the shoddy ball-handling.

And a lot of that is on Lucas, the starting point guard; who had 6 TOs to go with just 2 assists. State now has as many 20+ turnover games this year as they had all of last year, and they have committed more turnovers than assists in half their games thus far.

Maybe their primary ball-handler, Lucas, isn’t really himself? Less than half of those athletes who suffer major Achilles injuries ever come back at full strength.

Maybe it’s a different player on State who needs to lead the Spartans back up to the top, and get them ready for Big Ten play?

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Kalin Lucas’ NBA decision soon awaits

kalin lucas

By Paul M. Banks

INDIANAPOLIS- Remember back to 1999, a time when Ricky Martin and really annoying “boy bands” were oppressively popular? Back then Michigan St. had a star point guard who had a monster junior season in leading his team to the Final Four. Mateen Cleaves, remember him? The guy who wore ugly Bill Cosby sweaters when injured on the bench, pondered jumping to the NBA before returning to East Lansing, and leading the Spartans to the Final Four. This year, another junior point guard is facing the same question.

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Korie Lucious Emerges as new Spartans Leader (Video)

korie lucious

By Paul M. Banks

When Kalin Lucas went down, Michigan St. lost their best player and floor general. His replacement Korie Lucious, a 5-10 sophomore point guard from Milwaukee, did an admirable job in his place.

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Fridays with Izzo: Sports “Saving” a City Storyline

By Paul M. Banks

Welcome to a new quasi-weekly feature where we discuss some of the biggest topics in the Michigan State Spartan world, including the insight and observations of legendary MSU coach Tom Izzo. In this edition, we talk about the idea of a successful sports team becoming a battered city’s salvation.

Despite what ESPN, the Chicago Tribune and other corporate media outlets have told you this week, sports does not and cannot save a city in ruins. This week, we incessantly heard about the Saints’ rise supposedly redeeming the city of New Orleans. We’ve been told that the Saints’ winning ways are somehow accelerating the post Katrina rebuilding process. As if each Reggie Bush touchdown run somehow alleviates another unemployed individual out of crippling poverty.

Last April, the MSM wouldn’t leave us alone with their sappy, sentimental “Michigan St. makes the Final Four taking place in their home state, in Detroit; and a Spartans win can lift Detroit out of the economic rubble, as the financial crisis hit this area harder than any other place in the city.”

One man often at the center of those stories was Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo, who seemed to offer a very different viewpoint on this topic from mine. Therefore, his thoughts might offer the perfect test to the validity of my position. Like Friedrich Nietzsche said “the thinking man has no need for refutation- for that he suffices within himself.” So, I wanted to see if I could become a thinking man, and I gave Izzo’s arguments a chance to refute me.

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Kalin Lucas Update

By Jeff Ghiringhelli

Michigan State basketball fans can all take a collective sigh of relief. When Kalin Lucas had to be helped off the court during the second half of Tuesday’s loss at Wisconsin, Spartan fans saw the season flash in front of their eyes.

Lucas underwent further tests on the ankle after the team returned to East Lansing. X-rays came back negative and revealed nothing more than a sprained ankle. There is not much else that can be done at this point, as team doctors need to see how the ankle begins to heal in the next couple of days.

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