Cubs Show Signs of Life; Despite Stupid Anti-Goat T-Shirts

chicago cubs

As they say, a chain is only is strong as its weakest link, and you can only judge a team by its most recent game.

If we are using that logic, well then look out for the explosive offensive of the 2011 Chicago Cubs.

And then, as Eminem says, “Snap back to reality … “

The present-day Cubs can easily be compared to present-day Detroit.  Most people are rooting for both to win, to get better, to succeed, yet both find themselves in dire straits.

Sure, Tom Ricketts might like to say otherwise about the Cubs, as would any local executive or politician about Detroit.   Especially those in the auto industry.

But, whatever … we are Cubs’ fans, and the Chicago Cubs just won three out of four from the first-place Milwaukee Brewers.   Oh my, what is going on …

“Dogs and Cats living together!  Mass hysteria.”

So, with all that nonsense out of the way, how about we go rambling.  Does that sound good, folks?

Let’s do it …

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