Joe Paterno Did Minimum Required Legally; Fell WELL SHORT Morally

What’s going on in Penn State right now is a lot more than a college football scandal. It’s a lot more than a Penn State University scandal. It’s an evil, and complicity to evil so large in its scope that it transcends both football and education. The case of criminal pedophile Jerry Sandusky is a world-turning story that includes, but also goes well beyond the man with the most wins in college football history.

But it’s more than a college football story.

And it’s clear now that the legacy of Joe Paterno, one of the most iconic figures in the sport’s history, is ruined forever. And JoePa earned it, through the sin of omission, rather than the sin of commission.

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What Did Joe Paterno Know Regarding Penn State Child Sex Abuse Case?

When it comes to the cover-up of any crime, the question all legal professionals first seek answers to is “what did he know and when did he know it?”

As we posted earlier, former Nittany Lions Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky was arrested on charges that he sexually abused eight young men.

Also, Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley and Penn State vice president for finance and business Gary Schultz are facing charges of perjury and failure to report under Pennsylvania’s child protective services law in connection with the investigation into the abuse allegations against Sandusky.

So when there are charges of this nature surrounding a high profile program like Penn State, the next question is what did the coach know and when did he know it? In college football, programs ARE their head coach. When that coach is Joe Paterno, the all-time leader in coaching wins, the information becomes even more sought after.

What you’ll see in the grand jury report will no doubt adversely affect the legend of JoePa.

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