Bulls Joakim Noah Talks About His New Non-Profit Organization


Averaging 14 points and 11.7 rebounds, Chicago Bulls Center Joakim Noah will add hustle, speed, defense and versatility to a Bulls team that is already looking really good right now. At 38-16, they’re #3 in the Eastern Conference but just two games behind co-leaders Miami and Boston. One of the best rebounding and defensive teams in the NBA, they’ll get even stronger when Noah returns to the lineup Wednesday night versus Toronto.

Noah recently underwent thumb surgery and hasn’t played since Dec. 15. But he’s been very busy lately, especially in the non-profit sector.

“I just started a foundation with my mom called Noah’s Arc Foundation, it’s something I’m very excited about. I think being a basketball player, we’re in a position where a lot is given to us and it’s important to give back,” Joakim said.

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Bulls Joakim Noah to Undergo Thumb Surgery Tomorrow, Could Miss 10 Weeks


Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has bravely battled plantar fascitis last season. Playing through the pain, he blossomed into one of the best youne rebounders in the NBA, and a double-double machine. His 2010-11 season will be much like his ’09-10, in that Noah will be battling a nagging injury through it. He could miss as much as ten weeks.

It was announced tonight that he will have surgery to repair a torn ulna collateral ligament in his right thumb.  The surgery will be performed tomorrow morning by Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. John Fernandez of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush University Medical Center.

Noah was first injured in the Nov. 27 game at Sacramento, and he has played the last two weeks with ongoing discomfort and slight functional impairment.   Additionally, Noah has had significant sprains of his right index and middle fingers, which will not require surgery.

“Joakim’s injury presentation was unusual in that he was able to function at a high level with the injury.  More often, athletes are unable to play at all due to pain and instability of the thumb,” said Chicago Bulls Head Team Physician Brian Cole.

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Joakim Noah Signs Extension with the Bulls


In the very definition of irony, the Chicago Bulls and center Joakim Noah became much more likely to part ways today, despite the announcement on a multi-year extension. The new deal does guarantee that Noah will not become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the deal is worth $11 million annually with incentives in place that could take it higher.

Noah made “the leap” last year averaging 10.7 points and 11.0 rebounds while battling plantar fasciitis in his left foot and missing 18 games, because of it. His name surfaced in sign-and-trade rumors involving the Big Three free agents – LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – this summer. You obviously, know what happened to those three guys.

By Paul M. Banks

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Joakim Noah’s persona has done a total 180

By Paul M. Banks

When my hometown Chicago Bulls drafted Joakim Noah ninth overall that summer night back in 2006, I yelled and cursed at the television. When Noah was a Florida Gator, he was one of my least favorite college basketball players of all time. And he did a lot of things that made a lot of people hate him.

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Joakim Noah is the NBA’s Leading Rebounder


By Paul M. Banks

Just before the season tipped off, I wrote a column asking if Joakim Noah would make “the leap” this season. I saw something in him during the preseason that made me believe it would happen. Now bear in mind that making the leap forward for someone like Noah isn’t about scoring. It’s defined by becoming a dominant defender and rebounder- Or basically answering the $64 million question that Ben Wallace resoundingly did not. Noah is now giving the Bulls exactly what they paid a lot of money for, but never got in the Wallace signing three years ago.

At just under 12 boards a game, Noah is ahead of both Toronto’s Chris Bosh and Charlotte’s Gerald Wallace for the number one spot in rebounding. By also averaging over 11 points a game, he’s put out a double-double every night. And he’s setting a new career high in blocks so far, so I guess the answer is yes, Noah is indeed making the leap.

I recently had an exclusive with Noah, and asked him what led to his cleaning the glass like Windex this year (but not in those words). “I think it was just minutes, just being out there. The way it is in this league, the more time you’re on the court, the more productive you’ll be. You’ll pick up on things after games, crafty moves, holding someone’s arm, doing some dirty things down there that maybe you weren’t accustomed to doing when you were in college,” Noah responded candidly; and sounding a bit like Dennis Rodman and Bill Laimbeer in their primes.

Another significant reason for his development is the ten pounds he gained from hitting the weight room hard this season. “It was something I needed to do in order to help the team this year, it was something I needed to focus on in the off-season, I feel like in that series against Boston, I was being pushed around a little too much, and now I feel a lot stronger, and I feel I’ve put on good weight cause I’m still running the floor well,” Joakim stated.noah

And given his role within the Bulls offense, which emphasizes the drive-and-kick in most offensive sets, He’ll get lots of opportunities to grab offensive boards. “Oh, the drive and kick game is huge. We’re a team that at all five positions on the court, we can play that draw and kick game.”

But perhaps more than schematics, or even physical development, Noah’s mental growth is contributing to his new found superior statistics. “I think he’s made another step- both physically and mentally. He’s starting to understand what it takes,” Bulls GM Gar Forman said about the third year center.

Noah, the former Florida Gator loves watching his old college team, but he also enjoys taking in a lot of NBA games on television, but he obviously doesn’t view the game the way we do.

“I look at the game differently now than I did in college or when I was coming into the league. You have an admiration for the players you grew up watching, and now they’re like your enemy. There’s no admiration anymore, sometime in my first year I felt like I would see guys like Garnett, Tim Duncan, Kobe, and you’re like oh my God wow, I grew up having the jersey of some these guys on, I once had a Garnett jersey on.” He said.

So I then inquired about him viewing these NBA superstars as heroes, and now they’re his peers. ‘Not peers, definitely not peers,” he responded.

And that shows a tremendous out of humility and maturity on this part. With those two traits, expect him to continue his fantastic play this season. And Noah’s career arc should continue trending positive.