Karl Klug: your under the radar Iowa Hawkeye

karl klug

Last season, the Iowa Hawkeyes may have been the least flashiest 9-0 team in BCS era history. A lot of their wins were Chloe Kardashian level ugly, and none of their talented players were truly household names. They had talent everywhere, just not at the highly-publicized skill positions. Their best overall players were linebackers and offensive linemen.

When I asked people to name Hawkeye players, and this was when they were nationally ranked in the top five, most people would say “Ricky Stanzi,” their starting quarterback who just wins, despite not actually being that good at what he does. Sure people in the industry like me knew all about Tyler Sash, Adrian Clayborn, Pat Angerer and A.J. Edds, but no other non-Iowa fans seemed to.

This year, things are different, much different. The Hawks won’t be able to (trite, shopworn, predictable bromide coming in 3….2…1…..)”fly under the radar.”  They were just too good last year, and too much of the talent is returning. You don’t know the name of Senior DT Karl Klug yet, but you will.

By Paul M. Banks

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