Flop of Phillies Pitching Robot Means Rise of the Machines Not Here Yet


PhillieBot, a robot who was given the opportunity throwing out the first pitch before yesterday’s Philadelphia Phillies-Milwaukee Brewers kind of failed in the task it was programmed to do. His toss bounced 10 feet in front of home plate.

Of course, with the game being in Philadelphia, the crowd booed the poor machine for it’s failure. These are Philly fans after all, they’re always ornery and hating everything.

But the setback of this a.i. in the city where A.I. made his name is good news for us humans, it means there’s no rise of the machines on the way. At least not for awhile yet. It’s not going to be Matrix time any day soon.

Despite what wacko Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander wrote in his ultra-paranoid, completely nutbar column “Brain Against the Machines.”

By Paul M. Banks

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