Catching of the Guard: Brewers go From Veteran to Rookie

george kottaras

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Brewers announced Gregg Zaun’s season would officially end, as the veteran catcher opted for surgery on his right shoulder to fix a torn labrum. George Kotteras says he feels for Zaun and what could be a career-ending injury. But Kotteras is now focused on reporting to almost daily play.

“I’m certainly excited to go out there and it’s just what you do in this situation,” says Kotteras. “I’m never happy when a teammate is injured and you certainly feel for him. We’ll just be ready to work for the team.”

The Milwaukee Brewers’ catching staff has gone from veteran Gregg Zaun most days to Kottaras, who caught a mere 25 games in the majors prior to this season and rookie Jonathan Lucroy at your service.

By: Melissa S. Wollering

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