Bears Jay Cutler Impresses in His First NFL Playoff Game

jay cutler

Many, including myself, thought Jay Cutler would struggle on Sunday. Can you blame us? He was playing a team that sacked him six times back in Week 6. Sure, teams evolve as the season progresses, but pass protection has been an issue for the Bears all year long. Chicago gave up a total of 52 sacks on the year, most in the NFL. Plus, Cutler’s last playoff game was against Zionsville High School.

The pundits were silenced early on as Cutler completed his first post-season pass to TE Greg Olsen for a 58 yard touchdown. Seattle seemed to be unaware that Olsen was active on Sunday as he was left wide open for several big plays. Olsen finished the day with 113 yards and a touchdown.

By: Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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Rex Ryan Foot Fetish? New York Jets Providing Media Fodder Again


As you no doubt already know the New York Jets recently suspended strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi indefinitely after he blatantly tripped a Dolphins player during a punt return. The NFL isn’t even through investigating that situation when lightning of negative PR struck the Jets again.

Or maybe it’s not extremely negative PR…depending on uhm, whatever “floats your boat.”

According to, the Jets Head Coach has a severe foot fetish.

In a conference call with Chicago reporters leading up to Sunday’s big game with the Bears, Ryan didn’t deny a report that shows a number of videos of a woman who looks very much like his wife showing off her feet while a cameraman — who sounds like Ryan — talks to the woman.

Either way, it’s yet another off-the-field distraction for the 2010 New York Jets who are about as unlovable as Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Mujahideen combined. Here are the top reasons why, and none involve foot fetishes.

By Paul M. Banks

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