The Derrick Rose Greatest Hits Collection


What a magical season it has been for the Chicago Bulls, who secured the best overall record in the entire league. And what a 2010-11 it’s been for Derrick Rose, who has become the man-crush of the third largest city in the United States. He is to “us” what pre-2008 Brett Favre was to the entire state of Wisconsin. To quote “Zoolander”….”Hansel- he’s just so hot right now,” perfectly describes Rose’s current Q rating.

Rose made headlines this NBA preseason for saying “why can’t I be the MVP? Why can’t I become the best player in the league?” I was there at Media Day when he said it, and I didn’t understand why everyone made such a big deal out of it. It’s not news-worthy; if you’ve paid close attention to Rose’s talent and ambition, you would have seen his natural progression to this stage. It’s what #1 overall NBA Draft picks are supposed to do.

I’ve been covering Rose’s games and writing about his career extensively these past three years; so the MVP season is no surprise.

With the playoff series versus the Indiana Pacers set to tip off, it’s perfect time to reflect on his greatest hits.

By Paul M. Banks

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Top 10 Moments of Derrick Rose’s Young Career

Derrick Rose Bulls

After the from the snow Chicago’s historic blizzard melted, a hybrid of “Roses” bloomed in the middle of the brutal winter. At the start of the Chicago Bulls 109-99 win over the NBA best San Antonio Spurs, Derrick Rose grabbed the microphone and thanked the fans for making him the Chicago Bulls’ first All-Star starter since Michael Jordan in 1998.

Then he went out and showed why they made a wise decision. It was another pretty rose for the bouquet. Here are my top ten.

By West Lamy

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