Bulls’ Derrick Rose on FlipShare Video

derrick rose bulls

Post game interview of Derrick Rose on Flip Video camcorder. Taken right after the Chicago Bulls 115-111 OT win over Portland; where Rose had a game high 33 points.

Note: this is being re-run from 2010

In the six games I’ve covered this season, Rose is averaging 25.9 point per game. (Including his career high 37 in the double OT win versus Washington.

His season ppg? 19.9- guess that means I’m his press row good luck charm.

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Carlos Boozer can be Robin to Derrick Rose’s Batman

So many failed experiments, and finally the Chicago Bulls have found their big man.

By my count, I have ten failures by the organization at the power forward position: Elton Brand, Tyrus Thomas, Tyson Chandler, Drew Gooden, PJ Brown, Andres Nocioni, Michael Sweetney, Lonny Baxter, Antonio Davis and Donyell Marshall. Almost all were expected at one point to deliver the franchise a low post presence, and every one of them has been shown the door out of Chicago.

But things are different now. When that magical ping pong ball revealed in May 2008, despite only a 1.7% chance, the Bulls would have the rights to draft Derrick Rose, the search began to surround the talented point guard with sufficient help.

It’s finally here.

Carlos Boozer, the same Alaskan who sent a recruiting video to Mike Krzyzewski because he wasn’t receiving any attention, is the Bulls‘ new $80 million answer to what seemed to be their lingering problem over the past decade – finding a legitimate and versatile post threat.

By Ethan Asofsky and Paul M. Banks

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