White Sox Reach 500! Then Fall Right Back Below it Again!

Since the horrific 11-22 start, the Chicago White Sox have been playing about .600 baseball. Keep up that winning percentage, and they’re projected for 86-88 wins, certainly enough to win a weak division like the AL Central. And here’s another reason to be optimistic- the past weekend they finally conquered a hurdle that they had been tripping over repeatedly these past couple months. Every time they get to two games under .500, they lose. They keep winning enough to get back there, only to stumble again.

And in their continued mastery of the Chicago Cubs, winning yet another series over their north-side windy city brethren, they not only reached 1 game below .500, but even-Stephen .500 winning percentage itself at 42-42 on Saturday, a 31-20 “run propelled them to this point.” Yes, that phrase does produce a little chuckle. Like people who love Jimmy Buffett’s music probably often say “hooray for mediocrity!” (Sorry Parrotheads, it was too fun to pass up).

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Cubs, White Sox Rivalry Known by many Names over the Years

 Today, it’s called the BP Crosstown Cup (it’s official name), BP Crosstown Classic, or The Windy City Showdown. It’s also been called the Red Line Series, City Series, Crosstown Series, Crosstown Cup, Gatorade Windy City Classic, Busch Crosstown Classic or Crosstown Showdown

In other words, the Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox rivalry has a had a lot of names. But throughout it all, the White Sox seem to keep getting the best of the Cubs. The Cubbies won today, but they lost the 2011 edition of the series. The all time series stands in favor of the Sox 49-41, 45-39 in the regular season. The Southside also has a 400-376 run differential all time. And they won the meeting which mattered the most by far, the 1906 World Series.

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Soxman excited about BP Crosstown Cup


Cubs have legitimate shot at a 2010 championship trophy

By Soxman

What better way to get fans even more deeply embattled over who has the best mediocre team (looking at 2010 records at this point in the season anyway), then to raise the stakes of inter-league play even higher?

What if I told you that there is a 50% certainty Cubs fans might see a championship trophy on the Northside this year? Well, it’s true, and could happen before the All-Star break.

The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox announced on April 26, 2010 an official trophy to heat up the Crosstown Classic even further as both sides will compete for the BP Crosstown Cup.

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Cubs-Sox series becomes even MORE Corporate

cubs vs. sox

There’s a new corporate sponsor, and trophy, added to the Windy City’s Red Line series. Yes, it’s like a college football trophy game now…if it were sponsored by a giant oil multinational.

CHICAGO (April 26, 2010)Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox today announced an official structure to the celebrated Chicago interleague rivalry known to fans as the Crosstown Classic. Starting in 2010, the series will be called the BP Crosstown Cup, and its new format will raise the stakes of the series and solidify its standing as an annual, citywide observance.

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