Iowa’s Clayborn on Football agents and NFL Draft Decisions


Iowa‘s Adrian Clayborn is more than just a top #5-#15 NFL Draft prospect. He’s an interesting interview, and a candid young man with stand-up character. He was the highlight of Big Ten Media Day 2; partially because he was so candid about the transitional process from college to professional football.

“The coaches sit down, and we have a talk with a guy from a program called Pathway to the Pros, they talk to us about agents, and the key thing is- don’t accept anything. You can talk to them on the phone, you can talk to them face to face. Just don’t accept anything and if you do that, you’re golden,” Clayborn told us at Media Day.

By Paul M. Banks

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Iowa’s Adrian Clayborn has High Character, High NFL Draft Stock


This past year, there’s been talk in the pro football world about some supposed “character concerns” over Iowa Defensive End Adrian Clayborn.

NFL teams are more careful than ever in this era of Roger Goodell’s attempts to legislate morality. However, there are no doubts about Clayborn’s ability on the field. The All-American Honorable Mention had 11.5 sacks last year, and took home the Orange Bowl MVP and National Defensive Performer of the Year Awards.

But a racially-charged incident with an Iowa City cab driver has put his character, and therefore his NFL Draft Stock, into question. After reading this interview/article, all concerns of this sort will be alleviated.

By Paul M. Banks

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