2011 NHL Free Agency: Defensemen

christian ehrhoff



There is no real baseball being played right now, despite what Bud Selig wants us to think.  There is no action in the NBA or NFL with both locked out and barred from their sport.  The only real sport still rolling is the NHL.  With the free agency period a little more than a week and a half old, the top players of the class have been signed to the big contracts, the accompanying pieces have been signed, and we have a general sense of what every NHL team’s line ups come this fall.  It’s time to take a look at where  the top players signed  and what more to expect this NHL offseason.  To see who the top defenseman are and where they went, continue after the jump.


Bryan Vickroy

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Chicago Blackhawks Need to Dictate Pace to Win Game 6

Toews needs to keep his scoring touch going.

by Peter Christian

Game 5 was supposed to be a treat for the hometown fans. It was supposed to be final dagger to the Vancouver Canucks 2010 Stanley Cup hopes. For the Blackhawks, it wasn’t either of those. The Canucks scored early and were able to establish their pace and style on the game. For the Hawks, they looked nothing like the team that had just taken it to the Canucks on the road by outskating the more deliberate Canucks team and putting their play makers in space to, well, make plays. If the Blackhawks want to avoid a Game 7 in the series, those things must change tonight.

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