Chicago Bears Full Offseason Recap Part 1: Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

The rush of free agency has come and gone, and the NFL Draft has come to pass with mixed reactions about how the Bears decided to approach their first round pick. Way before all of that happened, the coaching staff was completely gutted and replaced.

There’s no doubting the Bears improved this offseason. The question now is “by how much?”

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Cheerleader in a coma after accident at yacht party


Anna Leibenko, a former cheerleader for the Toronto Argonauts, a Canadian football team which is a part of the CFL, is in a coma after an accident that occurred during her European vacation last Friday.

During a month long European vacation with three friends, Anna visited Florence, where she celebrated her 24th birthday, as well as Greece. Lastly, the group hit up Croatia for Yacht Week, a traditional annual event where travelers rent yachts and explore caves, lagoons and islands of the Adriatic Sea. Anna and a group of friends were jumping off the boats at 6:00am — a 3-metre drop into the water, when she slipped and fell off of the catamaran. Anna hit her head on the stairs and landed in the water unconscious.

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Detroit Lions are Legitimate Contenders in the NFC North

Defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh recently stated that he would not change his style of play, even though he was fined by the league for another vicious hit. Everything Roger Goodell’s office does is not always fair though, as we have previously seen with the Terrelle Pryor five game suspension. This is tremendous news for Michiganders, who are poised for Tigers postseason baseball and the first winning season for the Lions in recent memory.

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