Chicago Bulls Videos, All-Access, Up Close and Personal


The Chicago Bulls have reached the NBA Final Four! They’ll take on the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Here we have your virtual media pass to get you in the mood. You’ll see Derrick Rose, up close after scoring 33 on the Portland Trail Blazers, doing his special in-game scoreboard promos, with a green screen behind him, at Bulls Media Day.

And you’ll see the Bulls front court trio Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson during their media day shoot. Combined, these three videos have been viewed more than 16,000 times! For the TSB YouTube Channel go here.


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Chicago Bulls 95, Atlanta Hawks 83: Game 5 Reaction, Analysis, Stankonia


83% of game 5 winners in a NBA Playoff series, when the series was tied 2-2 heading in, have gone on to win the series. Great news for the Chicago Bulls, bad news for the Atlanta Hawks.

-Was there a Taj.O web redemption in game 5? Maybe?

Taj Gibson had 11 points – all in the fourth quarter. Derrick Rose also scored 11 in the fourth to close it out, as the Bulls dominated the Hawks 26-15 in the final stanza. But Gibson had a whopping 2 rebounds (that’s 2 more than a dead guy) to go with his 0 (that’s the same amount as a dead guy) in game four.

-So when you start your “Rise of Taj” jokes/headlines remember this 1.) that reference is cliche and unfunny, you sound like a douche. 2.) He’s not ready to supplant Carlos Boozer yet. He’s just a good bench contributor.

By Paul M. Banks

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Bulls-Hawks Series Coverage Needs More Perspective, Less “Non-Stories”

I know, I know, it’s the NBA playoffs, so everything is magnified 1000 x every game, but observers of the Chicago Bulls-Atlanta Hawks series need to regain some perspective. It seems that every game, “the momentum” shifts 180 degrees to whoever just won the last game, and whether the media actually says it or not, people keep crowning the NBA champion, and then dethroning, and then re-crowning, and then dethroning, and then crowning another after each game.

I’m here to make things grounded again, put them in perspective. With some help from Luol Deng and Tom Thibodeau soundbites.

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Detailed Decline in Carlos Boozer’s Game, Any Hope to Rebound?

carlos boozer

The Chicago Bulls and the L.A. Lakers have the same exact problem this NBA postseason. They have to rely too heavily on their star guard (Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant) because their “star” players at the four, Carlos Boozer and Pau Gasol are just not getting it done.

It got so bad in Chicago that Bulls fans mercilessly booed Boozer during his game two disaster that included 4-12 shooting on offense and a train wreck on defense. This offseason, Boozer signed a 5-year contract estimated at $80 million, the richest in team history.

So when you look at how bad these playoffs have been for him, that deal looks a lot like the Cubs’ all-time most expensive player contract (Alfonso Soriano) and we all know what a disaster that is.

By Paul M. Banks

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Bulls a Conference Contender Now?

By Paul M. Banks

Since falling to 10-17 on December 22nd, the Chicago Bulls’ low water mark of the season, the team has gone 16-9. Chicago began the second half of the season 2-0 (granted it was against the lowly New York Knicks) and today they find themselves 27-26 and currently holding the #6 seed. They’re just two games behind Toronto for the #5 slot, a position that could give them a very reasonable shot at winning a playoff series.

We all know the deals they made on NBA Trading Deadline Thursday were much more about clearing cap space for the much-hyped off-season signing period than about winning now. And they accomplished that mission, as the team now has more cap space to work with this summer, but what about their prospects down the stretch of this season?

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