#16 Ohio State Buckeyes: College Football 77 in 77


2010 was the year that (technically) didn’t happen for Ohio State.  All 12 of the team’s wins from last season will never be recorded, including a win over Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl that would have ended their all-time 0-9 drought against the SEC.  The 2010-2011 offense was supposed to be one of Jim Tressel’s best.   Now there is no Tressel, and three members of the starting offense are gone for at-least five games, with one Terrelle Pryor taking a permanent vacation from college football.

Yet from the ashes of the biggest scandal in Columbus since Maurice Clarett rises a squad that will still compete this year.  The team will be younger and much less experienced than anyone ever believed it would be, starting with new Head Coach, Luke Fickell, down to a green receiving corps mostly made up of freshmen and sophomores, but the talent is there.  The question is, will talent in lieu of a lack of  game experience be enough to carry this team to another Big Ten crown?

Did you like the intro? It was guest written by my OSU guy Jeff Beck. Now I’ll take over for the rest of the 77 in 77.

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