Bill Simmons and Nate Silver podcast (video)


Nate Silver is the king of all statisticians. The New York Times 538 blogger and former baseball writer is just so hot right now. He forecasted the election like no one else; uncanny accuracy.

In this video he tells Bill Simmons of Grantland how he spent election night.

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The NBA’s Opportunity to Fix Pro & College Basketball

A few weeks ago, during an episode of “The B.S. Report,” Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman discussed (half-heartedly) ideas in which to make college basketball players stay in school longer than just one season.

That discussion triggered a memory of a conversation I had in a dimly lit ice fishing shack a little more than a year ago with a buddy of mine. The finer points of that conversation were a little hazy (we had consumed a lion’s share of the light beer in Itasca County, Minnesota at that point) I remember clearly coming up with an idea that had the same goal as Simmons and Klosterman, but resulted in a much more logical conclusion (I think, or at least the way I remembered) and in effect came up with the method in which the NBA can fix NCAA Basketball‘s biggest problem (which would also solve an NBA problem).

By Peter Christian

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