Bulls.com: Pau Gasol interested in coming to Chicago

pau gasol trade

The Chicago Bulls will have to take stock now of what they can and cannot do, as they will be sans Derrick Rose for most, if not all of the season. This changes their complexion and outlook completely. Bulls.com reporter Sam Smith proposes an idea that they might even play for the lottery, a la the San Antonio Spurs when David Robinson was hurt.

We all know that worked out amazingly, as the Spurs subsequently got Tim Duncan. But there’s another route to take as well- acquiring Pau Gasol from the Los Angeles Lakers, possibly in a deal involving Luol Deng.

According to Smith as you’ll read below, Gasol wants out of L.A. and wants into Chicago. Oh and he and Kobe Bryant hate each other:

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5 Pau Gasol trade possibilities for the Los Angeles Lakers

pau gasol trade

Paul Gasol was actually traded by the Los Angeles Lakers last off-season; until the league struck down the deal.  Now with the Lake Show being ousted from the Western Conference Playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Gasol receiving a ton of criticism for his performance in that series, you can bet your sweet derriere that off-season trade rumors will once again run rampant regarding the Spaniard.  Here are five trade possibilities and destinations where Gasol (who is due to make more $38 million during the next two seasons) could end up getting dealt to this summer.

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Top 25 Toughest Players to Guard in the NBA: 25-21

Deron Williams

I am little bored right now, so I thought I would create a list of the 25 Toughest Players to Guard in the NBA. Here are players 25-21. Feel free to leave a comment!  

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Wanna Hang with Bucks Brandon Jennings at Milwaukee Summerfest?

brandon jennings bucks

This is everything that’s right about NBA basketball in smaller markets.

Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings is looking for a Bucks fan to come with him to Summerfest on June 30. That lucky fan could be YOU and all you have to do is enter the Bucks Summer Experience Sweepstakes on Bucks.com/summer.

Can you imagine the Bulls doing this with Derrick Rose and the Taste of Chicago? They’d have to hire four bodyguards to accompany Rose for the Taste of Chicago outing. Come to think of it, anyone who goes to the Chi’s overrated, OVER-CROWDED disgusting summer festival needs a whole team of bodyguards.

However, Milwaukee’s festival has better music and a better atmosphere

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Milwaukee Bucks Top Off-Season Priority: Getting Healthy

Milwaukee Bucks cheerleaders

A year ago, the NBA was starting to Fear the Deer.  The Milwaukee Bucks experienced a resurgence and started to build some momentum in the Eastern Conference.  However, injuries combined with some off-season moves that backfired leave the Bucks searching for answers this off-season.

By: David Kay

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Can Bucks Build Championship Contender Around Brandon Jennings?

Brandon Jennings

When you consider Brandon Jennings level of play, maturity, and leadership skills at his stage in his career, it’s hard to consider him a player to build a serious contender around. However, he’s  only 21 years old and things could change over the next few years for the point guard.

The Milwaukee Bucks may or may not have known this when they drafted him with the 10th pick back in 2009 NBA draft. He had a relatively good rookie season and was the only member of the Bucks to rack up over 1,200 points. However, he was also the only player to attempt over 1,000 shots from the field. Jennings has no problem getting shots off, but his scoring percentage needs to be improved as it was 37.9 per cent over his first two seasons with his three-point percentage at 35.2.

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Brandon Jennings Headed to India for NBA Promotional Tour

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks will travel to India May 13-18 to conduct a series of events to grow the game of basketball in Mumbai and Pune.

Jennings became the youngest player to score 55 points in a game on November 14, 2009 and is the 16th NBA ambassador to travel to India in the last three years as part of the league’s continued commitment to spread the game.

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A sensible eulogy for Michael Redd’s Milwaukee Bucks career

Michael Redd

Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Michael Redd is the only player from the 2000 NBA Draft still playing in the colors that drafted him. Standing in his locker Monday night after the Bucks’ stat-padding 93-86 victory over the Toronto Raptors, Redd understood exactly why there was a media swarm around him interested in things other than his 15 minutes and 2 points on 1-6 shooting.

“I know the connection here is special between myself and the city, and the fans, it’s been an awesome 11 years,” Redd said. “You don’t see late second round picks stick with an organization this long. I’m very honored and overwhelmed with the respect from Senator Kohl and what I have for him.”

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Milwaukee Bucks finally close out a win against the Sixers

Drew Gooden

AP Photo/Tom Mihalek

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, and the Milwaukee Bucks have had considerable problems this season closing out teams good and bad.

Saturday night’s 93-87 overtime win over the Philadelphia 76ers still featured the Bucks’ late game issues (0-6 in the final five minutes of regulation), with a twist ending where Milwaukee’s defense comes through with one of their best second halves of the season.

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It’s nothing personal, the Milwaukee Bucks were an embarrassment against the Kings

Carlos Delfino, Donte Greene

AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

A record setting embarrassment against the Boston Celtics on the road is one thing. A back breaking defeat (on two days rest) at home to an NBA doormat on the verge of re-locating and playing without the face of their franchise is something else entirely.

There’s very few positive things to take away from the Milwaukee Bucks‘ 97-90 soul-crushing loss to the Anaheim Royals Sacramento Kings Wednesday night. As Wayne Larrivee, the voice of the Green Bay Packers, said four times this NFL season: “There is your playoff dagger.”

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Are Indiana Pacers in Relapse?

Well, so much for the newfound optimism under Frank Vogel.

After starting 9-3 under the interim coach, the Indiana Pacers have lost seven of their last eight games, including five straight in which the team never realistically threatened for the win. Three of those defeats came by 17 or more points.

The most recent loss, a 101-75 thrashing Wednesday at the hands of the Minnesota Timberwolves (who at the time owned the worst record in the Western Conference), was arguably Indiana’s worst effort all season. Forward Danny Granger finished 2-of-19 with 10 points, and center Roy Hibbert didn’t score at all.

By Drew Allen

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Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun Sit Courtside At Bucks Game

The Milwaukee Bucks 91-81 defeat of the New Jersey Nets marked the return of point guard Brandon Jennings, but it was Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Milwaukee Brewers All-Star Ryan Braun who received a standing ovation.

Rodgers and Braun sat court-side to watch the Bucks win their third straight game behind 17 points and 18 rebounds from Andrew Bogut.

Excited about the Packers recent success, Jennings even threw in a “championship belt” celebration of his own from the Bucks bench on Saturday night.

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