Brad Childress Fired, Vikings Still in Flux

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress has been fired

The end is here.

No, that’s not meant to sound prophetic, apocalyptic or ominous by any means. For Vikings fans, it’s meant to sound joyous. The Brad Childress era has reached it’s conclusion and for that, we should celebrate with a very tiny bottle of champagne. Really tiny.

By Peter Christian

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Vikings Funeral? Minnesota’s 2010 Season Officially Lost at Sea

adrian peterson

The Minnesota Vikings have come to a breaking point in their season. They were pummeled by their rival Green Bay Packers on Sunday. And Brett Favre wasn’t even listening to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell after his interception. It is well known that Favre and Brad Childress don’t see eye to eye despite the fact that the latter is the on-again off-again chauffeur. If Favre isn’t accepting coaching from the rest of the staff at this juncture, then it is time for one or the other to change.

ByPatrick Herbert

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Minnesota Vikings Can’t Pester Devin Hester


Brett Favre threw three interceptions Sunday afternoon against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Two of the three picks can be put on his receivers since they lost their footing.

Favre was required to force the football even more than normal because none of the top three starting receivers played the complete game for the Vikings. They are the antithesis of Favre-who would be in the line-up even if he was relegated to a wheel chair.

By Patrick Herbert

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