Razorbacks Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorell scandal has theme song (video)


(BREAKING UPDATE: Arkansas fires Petrino)

What happens when you abuse your power to give a girl half your age (“in volleyball shorts”) as the song below suggests? Well, in the case of Arkansas Razorbacks’ head coach Bobby Petrino, you might lose your position as quite possibly the most powerful man in the state.

He had a female passenger with him when he crashed his motorcycle. This was first covered up, but eventually state police revealed it,  and the name in the report is Jessica Dorrell. (lots of pictures of her here). She became an internet sensation over the weekend, as she’s engaged, and Petrino is married with four kids. She was harassed online so badly that she had to shut down her wedding guestbook and registry.

There’s a song about it….

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