Stan Bowman’s Blackhawks Roster Blow-up Backfiring Big Time


The party is over now. It’s truly headache and hangover time, Chicago Blackhawks fans.

Sure, four points to reach the playoffs isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, but jumping three teams probably is. Mostly because it’s hard to imagine them playing that much better down the stretch of this hockey season than they have so far. Barring a major trade, this is who they really are and it’s not enough to qualify for the postseason. The Cup was nice, but it’s clear they’re not headed back to the postseason to possibly repeat in 2011.

And with that realization in place, it’s time to label GM Stan Bowman’s off-season purge for what it is- a terrible mismanagement of a precarious situation. And it conveys how Bowman is clearly in way over his head.

By Paul M. Banks

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Greater Understanding the Blackhawks Salary Cap Mess/Roster Implosion

Blackhawks sign former Wild Defenseman, find new “Tough Guy”

john_scott_wildThe last few days have been brutal for Chicago Blackhawks fans, as “so where’s the Cup going to be tonight?” quickly deteriorated into “which one of our beloved players is leaving town today?” as the premier hockey related question on their minds.

But hey, at least the “big four” in the Chicago core, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook are still here. And at least their enforcer and most captivating personality Adam Burish is….oh, wait never mind.

But we still got the cup! And like the Joker told Vicki Vale in the original Batman movie: “In order to make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs.” And those eggshells accomplished something- freeing up cap space. But you also need to re-stock the carton; with something other than draft picks. Here is such an acquisition, although not exactly a headline grabbing one. Although this transaction should easily fill the newly found void at “enforcer.”

By Paul M. Banks

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