Indiana Pacers: 2010 NBA Draft Analysis


The Indiana Pacers came into the 2010 NBA Draft needing to have a good night. They haven’t made the playoffs in four seasons, something not seen since the mid-80’s in Indianapolis. Coach Jim O’Brien was surprisingly given another year, while executive Larry Bird needed to make a big draft hit after missing so many times.

Mostly, the Pacers needed a solid point guard, so they were looking to trade. That trade did not come through, and the search continues. The Pacers drafted Fresno State forward Paul George, a move that raises all kinds of questions marks.

By Travis Miller, of Hammer and

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Eastern Conference NBA Draft Grades

Evan Turner NBA Draft

Late first round trades galore, random second round picks, and my mock draft getting destroyed.  After all the dust has settled, which teams are winners and which losers after the NBA Draft?  Here are my Eastern Conference team grades.  Click on the team name for individual player grades.  Check back Saturday for my Western Conference team grades.

By: David Kay
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